Inn-360….. They asked for it, and we delivered

They asked for it, and we delivered!

One of the biggest requests from hotel staff was the ability to choose their own “Room Inspection Lists”  questions.  We not only added this feature but we added the ability to have multiple customizable “Inspection Lists” You can now create a list for Departures, Stayovers, Public areas, etc. Whatever you need to be inspected, you can create a list for it, then use it again and again. Seriously it is that easy..

We’ve also added a customizable “Check List” feature. It will allow to create a digital version of the checklist that every hotel department uses. Just create the list and there you have it. A digital checklist that can be saved and used over and over plus the data is saved in real time so managers or anyone with rights can see when it was completed and by whom!

Remember Inn-360 operates the same no matter what device you use from a PC to Smart Phones in fact the Smart phone and Tablet portability was one of the things we had in mind when we designed Inn-360. Our theory “Why learn 3 different ways to use the same product?” Inn-360 is about making your job easier, not adding more stress.  The many years in the Hotel industry has taught us that operational efficiency and guest satisfaction go hand in hand. The better “Run” a property is, the higher level of guest satisfaction!

Try Inn-360 today while the special incentives are still available.

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