Inn-360 Asset and Experience software

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    Software designed by Hotel People for Hotel People.

“inn-360™” was designed to be user friendly and intuitive.  This cutting edge interface is the same no matter what your flavor of communication is.  From a tablet to a PC, a Smart Phone to Wrist ware; it is all the same easy efficient interface.   Learn it once and that’s it.

What really sets “inn-360™” apart is our “free flow” search.  It allows you to search by any term across all sections without difficult search query language commands.  Just type in the word(s) you are looking for and instantly the record meeting that criteria is displayed.  For example, if you want a list of all HVAC calls from January through April from rooms on the 4th floor; No problem! With just a few clicks “inn-360™” will display your data to be printed or exported.  Working in the hotel industry for over 3o years has given us the opportunity to zero in on what hotels really need and what just gets in the way of work.  “inn-360™” has been designed with the hotel in mind.  This easy to use tool is not a piece of bloated software, it is the way of the future.

Inn-360 Screen Shots
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Some of the Features:  

  • Free form searching.  Search all or specific multi-conditional searches
  • Spread sheet Import / Export
  • Customizable Check Lists
  • Customizable Room Inspections
  • Customizable Inspection Questionnaires
  • PDF generation
  • Send work orders to employees via text or email.
  • Work orders generated from Phone, Tablet, PC on the fly.

Have you ever been in a room and saw something that needed repair?  The “old school” way was to write it down and open a ticket when you get back to your office.  That is if you didn’t forget or get it confused with other rooms that also had issues. With “inn-360™” you can instantly open work orders right from the room on your phone!  Just think of the time this would save. There is less room for error, increased productivity which all equates to cost savings.


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Front Desk

  • Guest Requests Dispatched to Servicing Agent
  • Shuttle Logs and Maintenance
  • Laundry Valet
  • Valet Parking
  • Guest Package Management
  • Luggage Management
  • Dashboard
  • Guest Follow up



  • Maintenance Requests
  • Customizable Room Inspections  (graded scores pass/fail)
  • Lost and Found
  • Product inventory
  • Work Orders
  • Reports and Charts
  • Dashboard


  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Work Orders
  • Room PM
  • Work Order
  • Call Type Trending
  • Room Call Trending
  • Shuttle Maintenance
  • Dashboard
  • Vendor List



  • Last 24
  • Room History Master
  • Employee History Master
  • Dashboard
  • Past 7 and 30 day Snapshot
  • Room  Inspection Failures by cleaning Employee
  • Room  Inspection Failures by inspecting Supervisor
  • Contract and Permit tracking.  View-able contracts/permits within the record.



  • Parking Permits
  • Key Log (with E-signatures)
  • Security Call Log (with photos)
  • Dashboard
  • Vendor List



Shipping and Receiving

Track (in house) inbound and Outbound packages


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